Engagement Shoots

Something that I often don’t get a chance to blog are some of the great eshoots that I get to do with many of my couples.

Its a great way to get to know each other better and a lot of fun. Here are some recent eshoot images of some awesome couples whose wedding I am really looking foward to shooting and sharing with you soon.

First up is Belinda & Cameron’s engagement shoot shot at the Ekka!;

BelindaCameron1 Engagement ShootsBelindaCameron2 Engagement ShootsBelindaCameron3 Engagement ShootsBelindaCameron4 Engagement ShootsBelindaCameron5 Engagement ShootsBelindaCameron6 Engagement ShootsBelindaCameron7 Engagement Shoots

Kim and Thuan;

KimThuan1 Engagement ShootsKimThuan2 Engagement ShootsKimThuan3 Engagement ShootsKimThuan4 Engagement ShootsKimThuan5 Engagement ShootsKimThuan6 Engagement ShootsKimThuan7 Engagement ShootsKimThuan8 Engagement Shoots

Nicole & Thong;

NicoleThong1 Engagement ShootsNicoleThong2 Engagement ShootsNicoleThong3 Engagement ShootsNicoleThong4 Engagement ShootsNicoleThong5 Engagement ShootsNicoleThong6 Engagement ShootsNicoleThong7 Engagement ShootsNicoleThong8 Engagement ShootsNicoleThong9 Engagement Shoots

Sarah and Lenny;

SarahLenny1 Engagement ShootsSarahLenny2 Engagement ShootsSarahLenny3 Engagement ShootsSarahLenny4 Engagement ShootsSarahLenny5 Engagement ShootsSarahLenny6 Engagement ShootsSarahLenny7 Engagement ShootsSarahLenny8 Engagement Shoots


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