Caloundra Wedding | Elissa + Kyle

Happy New Year everyone!! I can’t wait to be photographing some amazing couples and places in 2014.

But first, I have a few weddings left to show you from 2013 still! Such as Elissa & Kyle’s fab wedding at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

Elissa looked amazing on her big day in her wedding dress. Though it was commented to me on the day that this was the first time some of her friends had actually seen her in a dress! A comfy pair of Boardies is usually more her style. (Little did they know she actually had a pair of those on too!) 🙂

Kyle’s expression as Elissa came down the Aisle was priceless and you could sense the deep connection they shared.

Following the ceremony, was an afternoon tea with their guests, with a few hilarious speeches thrown in. We then ducked away for some more photo  fun in the surrounding area.
































Elissa was secretly rocking some boardies underneath her dress!





Right at this point every mosquito on the planet decided that they wanted a piece of us.. so we had to make a run for it!