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How to plan your perfect Preston Peak wedding

Everything you need to know for planning your perfect Preston Peak Wedding

Nestled atop the mountain ranges of the Darling Downs is one of Toowoomba’s premier wedding venues: Preston Peak Functions and Winery.

This guide will detail all the amazing things that make Preston Peak Functions and Winery so great and will provide a wealth of tips and advice to guarantee you have the best wedding day ever!

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Preston Peak Winery Function Centre
430 Preston Boundary Road
Preston, Queensland 4352

More About Preston Peak Functions and Winery

Preston Peak Winery is just a short 10 minute drive from the garden city of Toowoomba. And only a modest 2 hour drive west from Brisbane. The road between Brisbane and Toowoomba has been much improved the past few years which makes a visit to Preston Peak from Brisbane an easy drive for your guests. Or they can make a weekend of it by spending time touring the Toowoomba area and taking in its many fantastic sights.

Probably Preston Peak’s biggest draw card for couples (apart from their amazing service) is the breath-taking views that it offers. There is an almost 360 degrees of amazing views. On one side is the view from the peak of the Darling downs range all the way down to the Lockyer Valley below. The other side of the property offers a perfect view of the area’s well renown sunsets.

The other alluring aspect of booking your wedding at Preston Peak Functions, is that on your wedding day, you and your guests have exclusive access to all 330 acres of the property. This means a relaxing and intimate wedding day is pretty much guaranteed!

While the picturesque views are to die for, the mark of a great wedding venue is the level of service and hospitality that you and your guests receive. And thankfully these are two areas that Preston Peak functions excel at. Preston Peak have an awesome functions and wedding team who really care about their couples and ensure their big day goes off without a hitch. Combine that with their amazing food packages and there is no wonder they are such a popular venue.

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What time of Year to get married at Preston Peak?

Every season at Preston Peak Winery has its own charm and unique appeal. Whether it’s the fresh greenery of spring, the warmth and longer afternoons of summer, the golden hues of autumn, or the cooler intimate feel of winter, each season presents an opportunity to create beautiful photos against the backdrop of this picturesque venue.

Like most wedding venues in South East QLD, Preston Peak Winery is most busy in the Autumn and Spring months, due to the milder warm weather and less chance of rain or storms.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from considering planning your wedding for outside of these more popular months. The Toowoomba area in winter is relatively mild and dry during the day and it is only later in the afternoon and evening that it does start to become chilly. But by that time, you are tucked away in the cosy reception room, partying the night away and having the time of your life!

Summer is another time of year that should also not be discounted. Given Preston Peak’s higher altitude on top the Darling Downs ranges, temperatures in Summer are often 5-10 degrees cooler up there than in lower areas such as Brisbane. Being positioned right on escarpment also allows the venue to catch any breezes to keep things cool.

Bride and Groom Preparation Locations

The Bridal Cottage (for the girls)

The Bridal Cottage is the ideal location on the property for the bride and her bridesmaids to get ready on the wedding day. This cute little cottage is only a short stroll to the ceremony area, but secluded enough to be a little haven for the bride as she gets ready. The well airconditioned space also means that you will be ready for your ceremony, completely refreshed and (hopefully) relaxed.

Nearby Elliot Close Property (for the boys)

One of the nearby properties managed by Preston Peak, is the large and spacious property at Elliot Close. This 5 bedroom modern property is a short 5 minute drive from Preston Peak and also features a spectacular view over the range. There is even a barbershop styled room that can really elevate the groom prep photos to the next level.

Preston Peak Wedding Ceremony Locations

The Pavilion Tree

The Pavilion Tree is Preston Peak’s most popular ceremony location. Couples say ‘I do’ under the branches of this magnificent tree. While guests watch on under the adjoining covered pavilion. This gives the best of both worlds, an open airy feeling to ceremonies with the uninterrupted spectacular views that Preston Peak is famous for, while also providing guests with cover from the elements.

Once the ceremony is complete there is a lovely flat grassed area behind the pavilion where couples are free to mingle with their guests and enjoy their afternoon.. and maybe even have a champagne or two 😉

The Courtyard

For smaller, intimate or less formal ceremonies, the Courtyard is another wedding ceremony option. This area, shaded by trees also has terrific views of the valley beyond, while being lovely, natural and open.

This area can also double as a relaxing area for guests to enjoy canapes and lawn games while the bridal party are off getting photos after the ceremony.

Wedding Photo Locations at Preston Peak

Preston Peak is one of those venues that, as a photographer, you feel absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to locations that look awesome for post ceremony photos. Below are just some of my recommendations.

The Avenue

Perhaps the first thing you notice upon driving into the venue is the gorgeous Avenue of Maples that line the roadway at the peak of the property. This avenue is the perfect spot for fun photos of the bridal party as well as romantic strolling shots of just the bride and groom. The trees change in character throughout the seasons, from verdant greens in Spring and summer to golden hues in Autumn and Winter, it really is a sight to behold. As a special treat, the avenue of maples is also lit in the evenings, providing a very magical photo backdrop. I suggest to my couples to try and factor in a few spare minutes during the evening to pop out to experience it.

The Valley View

Preston Peak is famous for it’s spectacular views of the Darling Downs ranges, so it is only fitting to incorporate those special views into your wedding day. The best way to do this is to explore the longer grasses and bushland areas on the Eastern aspect of the property. From these vantage points you can blend the natural beauty of the grassland with the epic range views, for images that you will love.

The Olive Grove

A relatively hidden part of the property is the Olive Grove. This area features rows of silvery green leafed Olive trees. There is something wonderful about the colours and tones of Olive leaves, they just seem to complement the romantic nature of a wedding day perfectly. This specialness is further enhanced by the often quiet moments that my couples share with each other when in the grove. The resulting photo are always heartfelt and natural.

The Vineyard and Swing

While the remaining vineyard at the property is modest in size, it still features those awesome views that everyone loves. There is also a cool country style swing that can be a lot of fun.

The Sunset view

Usually the final stop before heading to the fun of the reception is the sunset view you can get from the Western side of the property. The area often has some truly awesome sunsets and is the perfect finish to cap off an amazing day.

The Cellar Door

I mentioned earlier that it is often a good idea to schedule a few spare minutes during the evening festivities, to duck out of the reception for a quick night shoot. One special spot during the evening is the Cellar Door and it’s stunning Tree Chandelier!

Preston Peak Wedding Reception Locations

The Main Homestead

Preston Peak’s main reception space is the homestead. This space can cater for up to 160 people seated or 300 cocktail style. The wrap around glass windows of the venue, gives your guests great views as the golden afternoon light fades and is replaced by hues of deep blue. Your guests then get to enjoy the award winning food from head chefs Rick Osborne and Neil Martin.

The Arbour Kitchen and Courtyard.

A new experience for Preston Peak is the outdoor Arbour kitchen. Complete with Charcoal smoker and woodfired pizzas! yum! The area is festooned with hundreds of fairylight and huge ‘LOVE’ letters. It is also the perfect spot to perform that special first dance under the stars!

Accommodation Options Nearby

Preston Peak Functions doesn’t have onsite accommodation, but thankfully there are many fantastic options nearby for yourself and your guests to consider:

Private Accommodation Properties

Toowoomba Hotels

Recommended Vendors for Preston Peak Weddings

It takes a dedicated team of professionals to pull off the perfect wedding. Below are some amazing vendors I can recommend to help make your Preston Peak wedding the best it can be!

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