Powerhouse Wedding Photographer

Funky and unique would be adpt words to describe the Brisbane Powerhouse. This wedding venue has been a popular option for a long time. Ceremonies can be held on the Performance Lawn or the Riverbend Terrace.

Receptions tend to be held in the Rooftop Terrace room. This room has amazing street art adorning the walls and also has great views of the river below.

Wedding Photography at the Brisbane Powerhouse

The powerhouse is a mecca for wedding photography. So many industrial backdrops to use and also lots of green spaces. No wedding at the powerhouse would be complete without at least a few photos in front of the massive brick wall of the powerhouse building!

There are also lovely river and park aspects to explore and utilize. So, there is no real need to travel anywhere else for wedding photos.

Below are some of my current favourite Brisbane Powerhouse images for you to enjoy.

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