Wedding photography Brisbane – Prints are important

As a photographer from Vellum Studios, specializing in Wedding photography in Brisbane and a father of a cute little family myself. I believe that prints and albums are even more relevant and important today than they have ever been. Below I will detail why:

Wedding photography Brisbane -wall prints

We live in a wonderful digital world, with powerful tools that make life easier and more enjoyable. We have amazing camera-phones and places to share images with our friends such as Facebook, Instagram and other social media.
However one thing that is often downplayed is the importance of actual physical prints and albums.

I am sure as you were growing up you remember going through your own family albums and parent’s wedding album, marveling at the special memories that they contained. Wedding albums and wall prints become some of a family’s most prized heirlooms. They capture fleeting moments in time, never to be repeated.It has been demonstrated that in emergency situations, such as bush fires or floods, albums and pictures are some of the first things that people take to safety. They are that treasured.
The digital age has made people’s personal computers the default family image archive. Computers are great in that they can store a lot of images. But they are quite lacking when it comes to organizing, retrieving and protecting those precious memories

Wedding-photography-Brisbane- wall gallery

Visual Accessibility

Prints on your wall are probably the most visible reminder of your precious memories, major milestones and general good times. There is no effort required to find and retrieve them, they are just always there to cheer you up or remind you of the special people in your life. In an ever increasing fast paced society, having such easily accessible memories is a comforting thing.
Equally, albums provide an easily accessible mode of looking through important parts of your (and your family’s) life. Everyone knows where their wedding or family albums are in the house. It is just a matter of sitting on the couch surrounded by your family and happily turning the pages.

Long Term Security of your Wedding & Portrait memories

Personal computers and smart phones can store vast amounts of images from your wedding and other family events. But they do run the risk of security and loss of data. Unfortunately I have heard many horror stories from friends who have lost years of photos (parts of their children’s lives) due to computer hard-drive errors and viruses. Computers will always have this risk unless you have a diligent offsite backup strategy.


An Offline experience in a digital world.

We are living more and more of our lives online and connected to digital devices. There is something to be said about getting back to basics, unplugging and experiencing tactile real things. There is a certain kind of joy that comes from picking up a beautifully bound album and slowly turning the pages and experiencing the printed photographs within.
An album is also something that can be easily shared with those around you and passed around. A shared experience of recalling moments from the past. Something hard to replicate on a computer screen.

Wedding-photography-Brisbane-Albums are important

Wedding Albums – Telling a story through photography

As a wedding photography professional in Brisbane, I know a thing or two about telling visual stories. Wedding days often result in well over 500 images captured and delivered to my clients. This is quite a lot of images to go through and share with your friends. The sheer number of images can be a bit overwhelming. Often people just don’t have the time to go through that many images individually.
That is the beauty of a professionally designed wedding album. It concentrates the wedding day and showcases the best images and key moments. Telling the story of the wedding from start to end, but in a way that is more easily read by couples and also their friends.

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Prints and albums make the best gifts

Printed photographs are gifts that never goes out of style. Whether its a small print of the kids for a grandmother or a large, beautifully framed wall print for your partner, photographs really show a personal and thoughtful touch.
It’s just not the same feeling emailing an online gallery link..

Also, nothing says thank you to parents / grand parents more than a matching mini parent album from your wedding or family photography session.


Prints are evolving

Many people may have the image of printed photographs as a boring old print stuck in a black nondescript frame. But printed photography products have come a long way in recent years. Today there is a plethora of printing options, from canvas, acrylics and even prints on metal!
Albums have also come a long way too. With gorgeous fine art paper stocks, archival quality ink. Amazing new cover options mean you can personalize albums to suit your individual style and tastes.

So when you next commission a photographer to photograph an important occasion for you. Don’t just go straight to a digital only package option. Consider why you are having these photos taken in the first place. To capture memories and milestones in your family’s life. To truly get value and appreciate that experience, you need to display and showcase them in the best and most enjoyable format possible. So make sure you explore and ask for the amazing print and album opportunities that are on offer.

For more information on the above topic or if you are interested in more information about Vellum Studios’ Wedding photography in Brisbane, please contact us. We would love to chat further with you.