Welcome to our new Blog and Brand !!

As many of our clients may already know. With this new blog and funky website, we have now finished our transition from ST Photography to our new brand ‘Vellum Studios’ .

It’s taken a year and tons of effort, but we hope you all love the new look!

So why the change?

We felt that after so many years as ST Photography, we needed to boost our brand and have a name as exciting and creative as our photography.

What does this mean for our clients?

Not much really 🙂  It’s still the same creative team of Steven and Debbie Thomas. But I am sure our clients will see the benefit in our innovative future products and packaging.

We are super excited for the year ahead and the great clients we are soon to be shooting. So keep coming back to see what cool things we are up to!


Steven & Debbie Thomas

Vellum Studios!!