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Under the Kangaroo Point cliffs and right on the river lies a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to Brisbane reception venues in Riverlife.

Riverlife with its unparalleled Brisbane city skyline views features a collection of Marquees and event spaces perfect for relaxed wedding receptions.

The two biggest of these spaces are the Riverfront Deck (seats 110), which as the name implies in perched right over the Brisbane River and the slightly larger Sunset marquee for when you need that bit more space.

Wedding Photography at Riverlife

Riverlife is also one of those venues where if you want, everything can be contained in the one location for the whole day. The nearby natural bushland, riverside walkways and granite cliffs provide all that you could ask for in regards to wedding photography locations. Not to mention the city and river views.

Riverlife’s location also really shines once the sun has set. The colourful city lights, equally reflected in the Brisbane River is a gorgeous sight, perfect for some evening photography fun.

Below are some of my current favourite Riverlife images for you to enjoy.

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